11 Best Cycling Apps

Strava app

1. Bike Doctor
(iOS and Android)
For: DIY bike maintenance, servicing, or repair step-by-step instructions and guides

2. Cyclemeter
(iOS and Android)
For: Customizable app that makes your phone into a cycling computer integrating various data and metrics like maps, splits, laps, and more

3. Endomondo
(iOS and Android)
For: Helps you keep track of your activity including speed, calories burned, and more

4. Google Maps
(iOS and Android)
For: Cycling routes and navigation instructions

5. MapMyRide
(iOS and Android)
Planning routes and finding or exploring other route options in your area

6. MTB Project
(iOS and Android)
For: Find mountain bike trails in your current location. Learn more about the trails like distance and level of difficulty using information available when using this app.

7. MyFitnessPal
(iOS and Android)
For: Keep track of your diet to maintain a healthy cycling weight

8. Rain Alarm
(iOS and Android)
For: Check the weather and dress right for your ride before heading out

9. Ride With GPS
(iOS and Android)
For: Map out and plan the best routes for your long distance rides and keep track of metrics like speed and heart rate among others

10. Size My Bike
(iOS and Android)
For: Find out which road bike size best fits you using this app

11. Strava
(iOS and Android)
For: Keep track of your cycling rides including routes and other metrics. You can also check friends and other riders who have used the same routes