The Safest CS:GO Roulette Strategy You Must Know

CS:GO roulette is beginning to take over betting games today. It has always been a thrilling game in real casinos, so it’s not surprising if CS:GO’s online version becomes in-demand too. Putting everything at stake on either red or black is interesting and pretty straightforward. You could also place your bet on the color green, and receive an unbelievable return. Really, this game is more interesting than it sounds, but it’s also a bit tricky.


To get the results you want, it’s best to try the safest method you can use, which is the…

D’Alambert Strategy

In here, there’s a smaller rate compared to Martingale’s system as you increase your bets after one loss. The D’Alambert Strategy is an even chance betting technique. First, you choose a starting bet, then you augment your bets by one preceding a loss, and decrease your bets by one preceding a win.

The concept is to earn as many wins as losses. Once that happens, you’ll profit by the nuber of bets you’ve placed.


For instance, you began with a bet of five, then you lost, so you lose 5. Then you increased your bet by one, so that means you bet six. Then you lost again, which means you’ll bet 7 next. After betting 7, you win. Because you won, you decreased your bet to 6. Then you lost again. And what will you do if you lose? That’s right! You add one more. After betting 7, you won, so you bet 6 and win again. After which, you’ve bet 5 and lost, then bet 6 and won.

This is what happened in the example: You started with 0 – 5 – 6, then + 7 – 6 + 7 + 6 – 5, then lastly, + 6, that’s equal to 4.

The four meant you’ve lost four times and won four times. In the face of all this even chance betting, you’re in profit by four. This is the idea of D’Alembert: If the number of losses is the same as the number of victories, you’ll be in profit by the number of bets at all times.

Upside of the strategy

Even though no roulette strategy is 100% safe, this is the most reliable method that exists as the system has low risk.

Downside of the strategy

Your chances of winnings are low because the risk is also low. Also, you’re depending on winning as many bets as you lose, and this is unlikely to occur over the long duration of play.

Whatever strategy you decide to use, just remember to set a loss and profit target, and stick to your plan.


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