Growing Cannabis With A Bicycle Part

Let’s face it. Cannabis, despite being classified as one of the world’s most dangerous herbs, is also deemed as one of the world’s most useful herbs. In fact, cannabis actually provides a whole lot of benefits than any other herbs out there.


This includes benefits such as boosting one’s energy to do what he needs to do during the day without getting tired that easily, as well as preventing the onset of critical illnesses’ symptoms like that of seizures for those who are suffering from brain-related diseases and even the onset of critical illnesses’ complications like that of aneurysm for those who are suffering from heart-related diseases.

More so, cannabis is best known to improve one’s creativity (thanks to its other benefits that, this time, primarily involves the neurochemical dopamine a.k.a. the happy hormone in our brains) – which then brings us to Peters blog post and this blog post’s main topic: growing cannabis with a bicycle part.


You see, bicycles are not just great for when you need to get more active to keep yourself healthy and fit in every aspect of your life. A bicycle, especially one that has already reached its lifetime, can still be used to create something with a purposeful existence like that of being a great support for your newly made cannabis garden.

Now, here’s an idea for you when growing cannabis with a bicycle part:

The Pacific Ring Of “Cannabis

For this, you only need the circular parts of a bicycle: namely, its tires. After laying them down on the ground and positioning them someplace with enough sunshine, you are now ready to plant your cannabis seeds in a way where it becomes incomparable to the real Pacific Ring of Fire when it comes to aesthetic: spread all over the garden like a ring, all the while being planted in every ring.

But of course, let’s not forget about the fact that you still need to make sure that every tire you’re using is neatly cut in the middle for the cannabis to grow without any restraints and that it should allow enough rain to fall on it for the cannabis to grow without limits.

The best part? This kind of design is not just for you to have enough space to grow a cannabis garden in your backyard. It’s also for you to have enough space to reflect on the importance of life and even self-control whenever you feel like basking under the sun with a handful of cannabis leaves beside you.

Have you tried growing cannabis with a bicycle part? If so, how did you use it?

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Simple Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness at Home


Like any exercise, cycling causes its fair share of muscle aches and pains especially if you are still not used to the activity. Whether you are just starting out or just got back on the saddle after a long break, the ride will likely leave some of your muscles sore. Relieving muscle pain, however, does not necessarily have to mean taking any medication unless specifically advised by a doctor. You can opt for natural remedies to ease the soreness. Here are some things you can do for relief.

Know when to stop. Don’t push yourself. If you experience muscle pain in the middle of an activity, don’t push yourself to continue. Stop engaging in the activity for a while to give your muscles a break. Consult with a doctor if the pain continues to bother you so it can be properly checked in case there is an underlying issue that needs to be treated.

Take a rest. Take a break from the activity if it’s causing the muscle pain. You may be overexerting your muscles that there’s barely no time for recovery. You can consult with a certified fitness trainer who can give you advice on proper training and recovery.

Warm up and stretch. Moving may be the last thing in your mind if you’re experiencing muscle pain. But it’s important that you keep moving albeit at a slower and more relaxed pace. You can start with a good warm up by taking a walk for 20 minutes before doing a leisurely stretch to ease the stiffness in your muscles.

Apply cold packs. Overworked muscles can cause soreness or pain. You can put cold packs on the affected at 30-minute intervals within 1 to 2 days post activity. Applying ice packs help in reducing the blood flow, which slows down or stops inflammation in the affected muscle area. This can provide relief from the muscle soreness.

Get a massage. Restricted blood flow may be aggravating the stiffness you feel in your muscles. Give the affected muscle a gentle massage or ask a family member to do it for you to stimulate blood flow.