Bikes and Welding

Welding is the act of fusing two pieces of material—whether plastic or metal. It has developed a lot from where it started. Today, it progressed to the point where state-of-the-art welding machines can be easily acquired even by DIY lovers, farmers, and artists.

Hobart-500559Knowing how to weld is a huge advantage since the technique can allow you to create various projects. Knowing how to weld is even a bigger advantage for those who want to build their own motorcycle bikes. If you want to purchase your first-ever welding equipment, visit Healthy Handyman, they reviewed the latest MIG welders for you already, and they also have information about TIG welding and other stuff you need to know about welding.

If you’re into bikes, you better study fusion welding. This type of welding needs the melting of metals that are being joined. Non-fusion welding is the other type. It requires heat to work, but you’ll need to add a filler material which melts at a lower temperature compared to the parent material.


Welding isn’t actually easy. You need a lot of practice to perfect it, so don’t expect that you could pick up a welding torch flawlessly and lay down a perfect bead during your first try. It needs you to be patient enough so you can come up with attractive looking bike frames. If you want to create bike frames, you’re going to need to be even more patient because that kind of project requires a skilled TIG welder. And mind you, TIG welding is a more complicated process than MIG welding. However, the results would be worth all the practice.

Welding is a useful skill especially if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast. With welding, you can create complex shapes (like a motorcycle frame) and produce a masterpiece. Welding and bikes go along pretty well, but you need to make an effort to practice the craft too.

Here’s a video to inspire you:

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